One of the major masternode share providers, Splawik’s Super Shares has a solid reputation in the community. It’s a flexible masternode shares service allowing those with fewer than 1,000 Dash to still retain recurring rewards for helping secure the network, and offers the best rates on returns in the business.

Ease of Setup

Setup is fairly straightforward, with an address provided to send the shares amount plus deposit fee, and two forms of contact info being requested. There is a thorough terms and conditions document for new users to read through, as well as a spreadsheet with updates and details on payouts, but for a basic user those can be a little bit confusing. This information is helpful, though first-time users would probably prefer a simplified setup guide (“Send this much here, confirm via email etc., provide two forms of contact”) rather than read through both aforementioned documents and then invariably come back with questions on exactly what to do next. All in all though, any confusion doesn’t last long.

A couple extra “moving parts” in the equation are the ability to specify a different withdrawal address, as well as set up shares outside of neat increments (of 25 for example). These features are great to have and many users will be very happy to have them, however their presence adds an extra consideration for new users trying to figure out the whole process.


Splawik’s Super Shares offer superior returns compared with other services. The customer retains 90% of the masternode returns on their portion of a masternode contributed, with a 10% service fee. This is highly competitive and a superior rate to other services which may charge more, such as 15%. You do sacrifice a couple small things for this superior rate. For example, there is a one-time fee of 0.0003 per Dash when setting up a share (meaning a typical increment of 25 Dash will cost 0.0075 Dash to set up, or around $2), though this is quickly offset over time. Second, payouts occur every two weeks, instead of regularly based on when the masternode the share belongs to pays out. The two-week interval is trivial for most, though some may find an advantage (or at least “cool factor”) of having a constant trickle of returns from multiple shares.


Splawik has always been thorough and helpful with communication, especially to new users. He is quick to respond on most channels and easy to reach. He also has very consistent availability, along with strong communication when the case is otherwise. Contrasted slightly with Moocowmoo, who also acts promptly though sometimes has a lot on his plate and turnaround isn’t always as instant, Splawik wins out narrowly in the support category.


The terms and conditions provided include a PGP-signed message allowing a user to verify on Keybase that the contact info is indeed associated with Splawik, in order to minimize potential fraud or theft. Splawik is rigorous and a longtime masternode operator with over three years experience servicing nodes for the Dash community, and as such is to considered a highly trustworthy steward of funds. For the paranoid, however, there is leeway for issues, as a customer may have compromised forms of communication (though it’s unlikely that all communication channels would be compromised). This is only potentially an issue because of customization options such as withdrawal address, in the case where all communication forms provided are compromised and an attacker uses them to change the return address. This is however a minor concern, and Splawik still gets high marks for security.


Pros: The best return rates around, customization options, relatively easy setup

Cons: Initial setup may be confusing for first-time users, extra options may provide some risk if the user’s communication channels are compromised.