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Does Dash Meet the Coinbase GDAX Digital Asset Framework Criteria?

Dash is a top ranking currency. It consistently ranks in the top 5 (by market cap) among currencies (versus securities, utility tokens, and other non-currency assets). It is also one of the most widely available via exchange. In the USA you can exchange it on Poloniex, Kraken, and Uphold. Oddly though, you can’t exchange Dash on Gemini, nor can you on Coinbase which is by far the largest of US exchanges. Coinbase and Gemini have taken a decidedly more deliberate and cautious stance when it comes to adding crypto-currencies to their trading portfolios. This is partially due to the...

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Bringing the Fun back to Fungibility

Dash and other cryptocurrencies used in day-to-day transactions were originally thought to be fairly “anonymous.” Now, the phrase most often used is “pseudonymous”, while at the same time the blockchain is then described as “transparent.” To add to this confusion, there are also these “privacy” or “privacy-centric” coins of which Dash, Monero, and Zcash are often called out as representative. So, what the heck does all this mean? And how does this compare to the world of fiat? And what might this mean for regulation in the future? It’s all a bit complicated but I will try to layout...

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Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough

Passion can breed an unhealthy fixation on perfect adherence to ideology. And oh boy is the world of crypto rife with zealous ideology. The entire industry ultimately sprang from a passion project (Bitcoin). Whereas passion is commendable and ideals are a good thing, zealotry can often act as a dragline for a project and even lead to its downfall. Projects need to strike the right balance of idealism while at the same time making measurable progress. This article is a continuation of my musings about cryptocurrency origins, importance, culture, and progression. Please note that this article is a bit...

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Deep Fried Crypto Chicken: The Chicken/Egg Problem

Tim Draper recently declared, “Only cryptocurrencies will be used For payments in 5 years” (Tahir). That’s pretty bold. But he may be onto something. Even if he is not precisely on target with his prediction, he may not be as wildly bullish as one may initially think. It is generally agreed that for an asset to be a currency, it needs to embody these characteristics: it needs to be a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account (the first two probably more prominently). Dash, and a sampling of other cryptocurrencies, meet these requirements for...

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The Narcissism of Small Differences

This is a rant. Well, maybe a discussion. Maybe a bit of a ranty discussion. But I want to talk about how the crypto community talks to one another because I don’t think it is healthy. Let’s have some coffee and chat. Cryptocurrencies currently have many audiences. The initial audience included folks (this author, for example) that envisioned a currency with the same world-changing potential as the internet and open source. As many cryptos rose in value, they quickly caught the eye of those looking for speculative appreciation of value, ideologies be damned. As the news cycle caught on,...

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