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What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency If You Get Hit By a Bus?

Or, how to manage volatility’s ultimate endstate: Death. In a previous article, I shared some guidance on how to introduce new people to Dash and other cryptocurrencies: “Introducing FOMO Friends and Family to Cryptocurrencies“. Within that article, we touched upon end-of-life matters. In this article, we expand that topic and give it a bit more consideration. Answer this question: What happens to your cryptocurrency hodlings if you get hit by a bus? For the vast majority of readers, I bet the answer is something quite unfortunate: Your holdings go dormant indefinitely and your heirs get nothing. How much value...

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Introducing FOMO Friends and Family to Cryptocurrencies

With the recent rise and subsequent volatility of cryptocurrencies, the general public has acquired an unprecedented interest in getting involved. Often this interest is accompanied by a dose of perceived late-comer anxiety: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So, does this sound familiar? “What can you tell me about Bitcoin and Crytocurrencies? I want to get me some of that!” Chances are, you have been a target for this kind of question because you are either very open about your involvement, or, like in my case, you are simply known as one of those people on top of every new...

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