Author: Justin Szilard

Wikileaks Calls for “Global Blockade” of Coinbase after Coinbase Bans the Wikileaks’ Shop

Wikileaks called for a “global blockade” of Coinbase this past Friday after Coinbase issued a letter intending to shut down Wikileaks’ shop on the Coinbase merchant network. Wikileaks said that “Coinbase has blocked the official @Wikileaks shop”, which sells various branded items like clothing, stickers, posters, etc “from its platform without notice or explanation.” Wikileaks published a letter they received stating that “Coinbase is a regulated Money Service Business under Fincen”, which is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Coinbase said that they are “obligated to implement regulatory compliance mechanisms,” and that “[u]pon careful review, we believe your account has...

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Dash Presents At The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Russia

The Dash Core Chief Operating Officer, Robert Wiecko, presented Dash, its accomplishments, and its goals to an audience at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Russia on April 17-18, of which Dash was a General Sponsor. Numerous pictures of Dash’s presence at the conference can be seen on the website. In the video presentation recorded by Dash People, Robert mentioned how Evolution will be very important since it will be convenient like PayPal, Venmo, etc with the user experience that consumers already know. Robert added that he “believe[s] it will be a kind of revolution for the industry.”...

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New York Attorney General Launches Probe into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, launched an investigation into 13 cryptocurrency exchanges on Tuesday. AG Schneiderman sent a letter with a questionnaire to Coinbase, Gemini, Bit Trust, and ten other exchanges requesting more information on the exchanges’ trading policies, basic operation, fees charged, and controls against money laundering and hacks. The AG justified his inquiry by arguing that “consumers in New York and across the country have a right to transparency and accountability when they invest their money,” but they often “don’t have the basic facts they need to assess the fairness, integrity, and security of these trading...

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Pornhub to Adopt Cryptocurrency Usage

The largest porn website on the internet, Pornhub, along with their affiliates Brazzers and Nutaku will begin accepting Verge cryptocurrency. Other porn websites have already been accepting cryptocurrency, but the significance is derived from the fact that Pornhub is the largest porn site and one of the largest sites on the web (ranked 32nd biggest by Alexa site rankings). Pornhub has not been shy to innovation since they recently implemented HTTPS encryption, accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, and snow plow service. Pornhub even made a high quality video detailing how porn has been at the forefront of new...

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Coinbase Grows Through Acquisitions

Coinbase has recently acquired for reportedly over $120 million USD. The deal comes at the end of months-long speculation that talks between the two were taking place. started as a Bitcoin mining startup and pivoted to ‘a cryptocurrency-based professional networking platform’ to earn Bitcoin by completing tasks such as answering emails. is also planning to launch their own ERC20 token in order to further enable cryptocurrency-based task requests. It is significant in that Coinbase has said that they also plan to support for ERC20 tokens, however, said that they plan to move their ERC20 token...

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