Author: Joe Moraca

December 3rd 2017 Dash Treasury Proposals Update

Wow another exciting month for the Dash treasury! The December 3rd “superblock” paid out to 31 projects with a USD value of over $4.2 million which was 2.5 times more than last month.  Fewer Dash were paid out this month (5453 vs. 6022) but the price of Dash is up from $270 to $779.29. There were a number of very large projects approved this month.  Some were funded in a single month others over several months.  While not “fair” I valued the total Dash payments at the current value of Dash just to rank them.  The Kuva project and a...

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Dash – What Is The Value Proposition?

With the price increase we have seen in Dash this year, month, week certainly Dash works as a store of value.  We all like to think of Dash as Digital Cash but what strides have been made toward that goal this year?  In this time of crazy price appreciation and multi-million dollar monthly Dash treasury budgets it is good to look at what makes Dash “worth it.” Irrational Exuberance I am trying to counteract my own case of irrational exuberance with the recent price run-up and many large projects being voted on in the Dash treasury I have to...

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Missing in Action Proposals from 2017

I am looking forward to seeing the database being created for the Dash Watch proposal which looks like it will be funded on Dec 3rd.  It will provide an easy way to look at proposals by various statuses.  This will help find “incomplete” proposals that are well past their original timelines.  There are many reasons for this, some outside the control of the proposal owner but – in my opinion – there is no excuse for not providing regular status updates. My current method of finding “open” proposals is looking at the “full proposal list” on Dash Vote Tracker and...

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Get Dashy for Cyber Monday

In the US, where I live, today is “Black Friday” and next week has “Cyber Monday” the big day for online shopping. says: Cyber Monday Has Become Even Bigger than Black Friday in Terms of Online Sales Dash is at an all time high (ATH) price range so the Dash you bought a few months (or earlier) back are worth a lot more now – so spend some during this holiday season. It will help you give great gifts and it will help grow the Dash ecosystem.  I went to to look for interesting items at online stores...

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Use Dash for Holiday Shopping

Since Dash is Digital Cash I was looking for where I could spend Dash for holiday shopping.  My first stop was DiscoverDash if you have never visited there you should check it out.  I skipped the map and clicked on the category listing for Apparel to see what I could find. There are currently 28 listings so I looked at the ones in the US where I live.  I didn’t find any in Florida but there was one in Savannah GA which is just a few hours from where I live (and a great place to visit). Kleo’s Sewing Studio...

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