Author: Joël Valenzuela

Former PayPal COO: Cryptocurrency Fulfill PayPal’s “Original Vision”

David Sacks, former COO of PayPal, says that cryptocurrencies are fulfilling the company’s original vision of a global currency. During a recent interview with CNBC, Sacks mentioned a renewed interest in the payments world not felt since his involvement with PayPal over 15 years ago. He views digital currencies as having the potential to fulfill, and exceed, the vision of his former company. Bitcoin recently approached, and briefly exceeded, PayPal’s market cap, but as of yet lags behind as a payment system, both in transaction volume and the competitiveness of its fees. A decentralized ledger vs. PayPal’s centralized ledger...

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I Know Exactly Why I Was Interested in Bitcoin

A recent video surfaced of Bitcoin Core/Blockstream developer Luke Dashjr answering an interview question of why he was interested in Bitcoin to begin with. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t really have an answer. This video has caused quite a stir in the Bitcoin community, with one side chastising his inability to answer the question while the other side wonders why it matters. I don’t care much for “gotcha” politics and journalism, or Bitcoin’s civil war, but I will say this: that question should be absolutely easy to answer, and the inability to do so is worrying. I know exactly what...

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Bitcoin Nears PayPal’s Market Cap, Severely Lags in Transaction Volume

Bitcoin briefly topped PayPal’s market cap, while still lagging far behind in use. PayPal, one of the global leading payments services outside of the banking industry, maintains a market capitalization of $71 billion. Earlier this week, Bitcoin, on an impressive growth spurt after the chain split at the beginning of the month, passed PayPal briefly, topping out at over $73 billion. Since then the price has experienced a correction, sitting near $68 billion at present. PayPal maintains a significant advantage in everyday use While in terms of total valuation Bitcoin and PayPal are close competitors, in terms of use...

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How the Top Digital Currencies’ Fees Measure Up

When looking for an efficient payment system, one of the most important factors is how cheaply value can be transferred to another party, namely fees. Early Bitcoin boasted fees much lower than any traditional payment method, and many coins still maintain a commitment to this vision. Here are the top digital currencies and how they compare to each other in terms of low fees. Note: we included the top digital currencies meant, or otherwise used, for use as money. Seven-day simple moving average included for context to show data wasn’t cherry-picked. All data from Bitcoin Average Fee: $2.91...

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The Cryptocurrency “Panic Buy” That’s Still to Come

Cryptocurrencies can be a safe haven during uncertainty. Recent war drums surrounding Korea have shown that, with a breakout in the price of Bitcoin to unprecedented levels. However, the flight of capital to digital assets has largely reflected a first-world attitude of safety and trust in current systems. As someone who grew up in a third-world country, I can see the crypto buying habits of this recent spike as an indicator that nothing has gotten too crazy yet. When things really get scary we’ll see an entirely different panic buying frenzy for digital currency that will look not at...

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