Author: Joël Valenzuela

First Dash Serbia Presentation Draws Record Numbers, Interest

The first dedicated Dash presentation in Serbia drew an unanticipated crowd and interest. Last cycle, a proposal was passed to bring Dash to the Serbian IT community through a series of meetups in the tech sector. The first meetup, according to organizer Nebojsa Jovic, had a higher turnout than anticipated. “A lot more. 60 people signed up on the form, then 74 actually showed up for the event.” The event was beyond the originally planned capacity, and indicates a keen interest in the subject beyond what was originally foreseen. This success has caused Jovic to plan additional educational ventures...

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Dash’s Governance Growing Pains

In addition to a digital currency with an emphasis of instant, private, and inexpensive payments, Dash also stands as one of the world’s first successful decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), a radical new way of organizing cooperation and resources. While years in and growing stronger by the month, including a $2 million monthly budget, there remain a few key inefficiencies in the system, exacerbated by the influx of members into the DAO. Make no mistake, Dash is going through some growing pains right now, and there’s a few things we can do to help it to grow in health. The...

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Despite Setbacks, Dash Morocco Team Pushes on With Dash Education in Arabic

Dash has funded a promotional team in Morocco to educate the Arabic-speaking world, which will continue on despite an early setback. The Dash Morocco team, run by members Ilyass and Osama, was created with treasury funding to spread awareness and adoption of Dash in the Arabic world, starting with Morocco. This is to be achieved through hosting meetups and swag giveaways, as well as creating an Arabic-language video series similar to Dash School created by Amanda B. Johnson. According to Ilyass, Arabic countries have a high interest in cryptocurrencies, though most remain only aware of Bitcoin: “In Morocco, a...

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BitCart to Limit Orders Amid Overwhelming Demand

BitCart has decided to limit the amount of orders it takes on in an effort to improve its service. The online service allows users to purchase gift cards with Dash at a 15% discount, providing a solution for Dash users to use their funds for a wide variety of purchases. BitCart’s service, however, has experienced issues recently, with delays fulfilling orders and difficulties establishing solid communication channels. Customer complaints built up on private channels and eventually spilled over publicly to forums like Reddit: problems from dashpay In response to complaints BitCart released a community update addressing these...

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