Author: Joël Valenzuela

Crypto Markets Near Half Trillion Mark in “Flippening” from Fiat

Cryptocurrency has risen to a new all-time high of nearly a half-trillion dollars, rising as money exits the fiat currency sector. The recent astronomical rise of cryptocurrencies has been described by many financial pundits and media sources as a bubble, carrying a risk of a crash. However, according to Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, this instead represents the early stages of the central banking bubble popping: Anyone who thinks that crypto is the "largest bubble in history" as I've often read recently is failing to recognize the over $10 trillion in government bonds with negative yields. Central banks...

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Dash Funds Nationwide Outreach and Entrepreneurship Education in Ghana

Dash has funded a comprehensive outreach program in Ghana, targeting several key groups for wide adoption. The final month has come for the Dash Roadshow in Ghana, a nationwide outreach and meetup operation. This, as well as many of the Dash-related activity in Ghana, is headed by Dash representative Mahamadu Abdul-Salam, who sees this as the best available tool to seek liberty and financial freedom for his people: “I am seeking financial freedom for my people, this fight made me start a think tank in 2015 to advocate for sound public policies that will give economic freedom to Ghanaians,...

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What Is a DAO and Why Is It Revolutionary?

First popularized by the ill-fated Ethereum project which resulted in the split to Ethereum Classic, the DAO is a bit of a blockchain buzzword. This innovation extends far beyond simple hype, however, and could revolutionize the way we structure organizations. Here’s a breakdown of what makes a DAO, as well as an explanation of why we should care. What is a DAO? “DAO” is an acronym for “decentralized autonomous organization.” In order to qualify as a DAO, an entity must complete all three requirements: decentralization, autonomy, and organization. Decentralized The first, and possibly most important, aspect of a DAO...

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CoinBR Integration Allows Dash Buying at 13,000 Locations in Brazil

Dash is now available for purchase at over 13,000 locations around Brazil. CoinBR is a Brazil-based cryptocurrency company offering a variety of services including an exchange, mining, bill payment, point-of-sale, and more. In July, the company announced that it had officially integrated Dash into the platform: A CoinBR é a plataforma brasileira ~real/oficial~ que disponibiliza Dash aos seus usuários. — COINBR (@coinbrnet) July 6, 2017 A new easy gateway for Dash buying all across Brazil The news of this integration was originally reported by DashBR, a popular site in Dash’s Brazilian community: “Recently, CoinBR (a Brazilian exchange) announced that...

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The DAO Might Be Unstoppable… and I’m Terrified

Dash may very well be the first decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Instead of other decentralized currencies (including some that have a centralized company or organization behind them), Dash has a loose governance structure and self-funding mechanism: 45% of new coins created goes to miners, 45% goes to masternodes (who invest a considerable chunk of change in the network and therefore get to vote), and 10% goes to the treasury, the self-funding mechanism for the network. This unique system means that Dash is a living, breathing ecosystem that keeps working without any outside help. This is truly an amazing...

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