Author: Joël Valenzuela

Dash Targets Global Liberty Movement Conferences With Key Partnerships

Dash has embarked on a promotional initiative targeting the global liberty movement, sponsoring five key conferences this year. Many of cryptocurrency’s earliest adopters included those associated with the libertarian and crypto-anarchist movements, from Roger Ver to Erik Voorhees and countless others. As the cryptospace has become significantly more crowded with new projects than in years past, several Dash ambassadors have shifted a strong focus to the global liberty movement, whose community still overlaps with that of cryptocurrency to a great extent. Top sponsorship at five key events this year To most effectively reach the global liberty community, Dash has...

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How Dash’s Free Market Approach Won the Governance Race

The top cryptocurrency project with a built-in governance system, Dash has for years stood as the gold standard in this field. As many new projects attempt to solve this great puzzle of how to run a decentralized autonomous organization, and other non-DAO coins run into consensus problems time and again, the first DAO begins to look a little minimalist by structural comparison. Dash’s approach hasn’t changed in years, but this is by design. A free market approach allows Dash to grow into whatever mold works the best. Dash’s governance mechanism is both simple and inadequate In essence, Dash’s famed...

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PayPal Cracks Down on Unverified Users, Updates Fees, Highlighting Cryptocurrency’s Advantages

Payments giant PayPal has placed limitations on unverified users, as well as made adjustments to fees, increasing cryptocurrency’s relative competitive advantage. In a recent update to its policies, PayPal, which was recently dropped as eBay’s primary payments provider, has changed its functionality for users who have not yet had all their identifying information verified. They will now be restricted from sending to other users and making payments, and will be limited to being transferred to a linked bank account or debit card until the user has established full verification: “We’re changing the balance functionality for your PayPal account depending...

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Dash Force News, World’s First DAO-Run News Service, Turns One Year Old

Dash Force News marks its first anniversary as the premier source of Dash news, funded by the Dash network itself. In April of last year, nascent project Dash Force debuted a Dash news-focused site Dash Force News, launched shortly after encouragement from Dash’s founder Evan Duffield to start a Dash-funded media service. According to Dash Force media and PR director Mark Mason, Dash Force News has had an exciting run: “In the space of a year Dash Force News has published 1,667 articles including translations in to 6 other languages resulting in 1.5 million organic page views. I’d also...

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nChain Pulls Gigablock Testnet Funding, Highlights Bitcoin Cash Governance Issues

Bitcoin Unlimited has lost its funding from nChain due to public comments critical of its chief scientist Craig Wright. According to a post by Bitcoin Unlimited’s chief scientist Peter Rizun, blockchain research and development firm nChain has discontinued its funding of the Gigablock Testnet Initiative, a long-term scaling experiment conducted by Bitcoin Unlimited. This was due to Rizun’s public comments criticizing nChain’s chief scientist Craig Wright over his claims on the security of zero-confirmation transactions as well as allegations of plagiarism: “nChain informed BU — after I tweeted about CSW’s errors with respect to 0-conf security — that they...

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