Author: Joël Valenzuela

Cryptocurrency Divorce Cases Highlight Evolving Definitions of Property

Divorce cases have highlighted new legal complexities brought on by cryptocurrencies. The increasing prevalence of cryptocurrency investments has caused issues in neatly settling divorce cases, as pointed out by UK law firm Royds Withy King, which views upcoming crypto-asset battles a “looming nightmare.” Several such cases have come before the firm already, with couples in dispute over the value of the coins, which could fluctuate at any moment, sometimes dramatically. As more investors get in on investing in cryptocurrencies, similar cases may become more prevalent. Cryptocurrency significantly complicates property redistribution The nature of cryptocurrency creates significant hurdles to the...

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Dash Masternode Count Reaches All-Time High in Market Recovery

Dash’s masternode count has reached a new all-time high as the markets begin to recover. Last December, Dash reached an all-time high of about $1,600 per coin. Over January and early February, the cryptocurrency markets collectively crashed, falling from an all-time high of $835 billion to a recent low of $279 billion. Dash similarly fell to a recent low of $382 during the first week of February, before joining the rest of the market in a recovery. Present price is about $700 Now, a new all-time high in masternodes has been achieved, reaching 4,719 for the first time. Node...

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Liberty Forum Sees Dash As Preferred Payment Method, 80+ New Users, 25%+ of Attendees

Liberty Forum, a Dash-sponsored event, saw over 80 new Dash users, over a quarter of attendees, many of whom spent their Dash at the event. The New Hampshire Liberty Forum, a yearly event held by the Free State Project, was sponsored by Dash treasury proposal this year. The venue had just stopped accepting Bitcoin payments for tickets for the first time in seven years, and went Dash exclusive. The two top sponsors of the event were Dash and Anypay, a cryptocurrency-only point-of-sale system that defaults to Dash, and is used by many of the dozens of Dash-accepting businesses in...

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Dash Added to GODEX Instant Exchange and Paybear Merchant Solution

Dash has been added to an exchange and a payment solution, solidifying its high-paced 2018 run. Paybear, a new online merchant gateway for cryptocurrency payments, recently released its new product. Dash is included in its initial lineup of seven different cryptocurrencies accepted, with 11 more reportedly on the way this year. The system currently includes integrations into several e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce and OpenCart, with others such as Magento reportedly in the works. Dash added to the GODEX instant exchange In addition to Paybear, Dash was also added to the new cryptocurrency exchange GODEX: If you still do not...

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My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q4 Conference Call

After listening to the above-linked lengthy call by Dash Core to summarize Q4 of 2017, here were my top most important takeaways: 1: Evolution and development updates The question on everyone’s mind: when is Evolution coming out? When is the roadmap getting an update? Core clarified that an updated roadmap would be released soon, and that the team was still aiming for summer 2018 for an initial release. One reason for sparse details on Evolution’s full scope has been the finalization of defensive patents to keep Dash’s technology free to use by all, rather than claimed by a patent...

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