Author: Eric Sammons

Trolls vs. Users: The Limited Importance of Online Communities

A common lament in the Dash community is that, compared to some other cryptocurrency communities, it appears to be underrepresented in many online outlets such as Reddit and the Bitcointalk forums. For example, recently there was what appeared to be a coordinated effort in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit to attack Dash, which garnered many updates and anti-Dash comments. The number of anti-Dash folks (mostly Monero supporters) appeared to far outnumber the Dash supporters. Further, Twitter polls asking for a vote on which cryptocurrency to support next usually show Dash significantly outvoted by other cryptos. One might think from that evidence...

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Atomic Swaps and a Multi-Blockchain World

In the 1980’s and early 90’s, most businesses had a LAN, or “Local Area Network.” This technology allowed a company to connect computers in a network, usually in a very limited, local area. Some larger companies might have employed a WAN (Wide Area Network), which covered a bigger area, but was still mostly confined to a single corporation’s computers. A challenge for IT professionals in that era was how to safely interact their LAN’s with other company’s LAN’s. Many tech articles were written and many attempts were made with limited success. Then the Internet became ubiquitous and the problem...

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10 Types of Crypto Fans—Which Are You?

Since 2009, cryptocurrency has grown from the domain of a few cypherpunks to a global phenomenon. Born in obscurity, Bitcoin is something now talked about at your neighborhood barbecue (except in New Hampshire, where crypto fans flourish and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of still-obscure coins like OmiseGo or Qtum). Although many people think that only a certain type of person is into crypto—i.e., young male techie libertarians—the types of crypto fans and the reasons why they’re interested are actually quite varied. However, we can group them into some general categories, though most people will find they fall...

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The Myth of the Masternode Sell-Off

Over the years, critics have claimed that the Dash Masternode network is susceptible to centralization. Initially, the charge was that only a few early adopters own Masternodes, and so they control the network. This argument has begun to fade as it’s become clear that Masternode owners are a diverse bunch. However, Dash detractors have come up with another potential centralization threat: when the price of Dash skyrockets, existing Masternode owners will sell and only big pockets will be able to afford buying them out and setting up their own Masternodes. According to this argument, the network will then become...

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4 Hurdles to Overcome Before Dash Is “Digital Cash”

Since the creation of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has expanded far beyond Satoshi’s original vision of a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Especially with the advent of Ethereum, we see blockchain technology being applied to practically every business case, whether it makes sense or not. With each industry that blockchain technology enters, it will face challenges unique to that industry, whether they be technical, legal, or cultural. Dash, of course, is laser-focused on becoming “digital cash,” i.e. fulfilling Satoshi’s original vision as outlined in the original Bitcoin white paper. Bitcoin itself is apparently abandoning that goal, and Bitcoin Cash is just...

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