Author: David Dinkins

Dash Gaining Traction in Cannabis Industry? Proposal Seeks Funding for Genome Research

Following his successful proposal last December, Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics is once again asking the Dash network for funding, this time to improve the sequencing of the cannabis genome. In his first proposal, McKernan asked the network to fund a partnership-level sponsorship of the upcoming CannMed 2018 conference. He also received funding to move his cannabis genomics work from the Bitcoin to Dash Blockchains. Broken patents This genomics project is particularly interesting, and important, due to the broken nature of the US patent system. Cannabis plants have been selectively bred to create higher-quality strains for many years, but...

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Neptune Dash Extends Fractional Masternode Ownership to US and EU Market

Neptune Dash went public in January of this year, raising over $CAD 23 mln and is publicly traded on Canada’s TSX-Venture Exchange. The proceeds from the company’s offering were used to buy Dash and set up masternodes. Shareholders in Neptune Dash effectively own a small percentage of the masternodes that Neptune Dash has set up. As masternodes pay their dividends and the price of Dash (hopefully) goes up over the long-term, investors in Neptune Dash should see themselves rewarded either in the form of significant dividends or capital gains. Not just in Canada Initially, only Canadian investors could buy...

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Dash’s Community-led, Treasury-funded Initiatives Will Lead to Greatness

I have to confess that I haven’t been keeping up with the development of the Dash community and ecosystem nearly as much as I should. This happens from time-to-time, and is one of the only things that kept me sane during the terrible bear market of 2014 – 2016. If I shut my eyes really tightly and ignored things for awhile, it made those paper losses seem a little more bearable. Fortunately, we’re past all that, but it’s still possible to become a little disillusioned. I’ve long believed that Dash’s treasury system is the most important feature of the...

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CNN Airs Segment on Dash, But Misses the Mark

CNN recently aired a segment with our own Joel Valenzuela, who had a reporter follow him around town watching him spend Dash. In his role as editor of Dash Force News, Joel is paid, in Dash, directly from the Dash Blockchain and he lives a completely cash-free life. His hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is home to numerous crypto-accepting businesses, many of which offer Dash as a payment option. On regulation During the segment, Joel answered questions about the future of cryptocurrency regulation, suggesting that regulators and proponents of crypto need to work together for solutions everybody can live...

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Dash Leopards Improving Lives of Kids in Africa, Dash-style

Dash Africa is one of the treasury-supported grassroots projects bringing awareness of Dash around the globe. Through the team’s support of the Dash Leopards soccer team, they are enabling a better life for a group of kids through sports, education and social activities. Though small, Dash Africa is one of a number of such grassroots efforts to take Dash to the next level through community outreach. Cryptocurrency needed Much ink has been spilled, and many electrons inconvenienced, by pundits and traditional “thought leaders” on why digital currency is of little use. They point to the fact that credit and...

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