Author: Wilmar Toro

Todo sobre Dash Team at Talent Land in Mexico

**This article was translated from our sister site** Talent Land is an annual event celebrated in Mexico and defined as “the largest innovation and entrepreneurship event ever held for the entire talent community, that interacts over the year to share knowledge and to strengthen its development”. This year the event was held in Guadalajara, from April 2nd to April 6th with 33,018 attendees who had access to the six “lands” or thematic areas. However, due to growing interest in blockchain technology, this year they added the space dubbed “CryptoLand”. “All about Dash” (Todo sobre Dash) project is a...

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Bitnovo Partnership Brings Dash to Thousands of Retailers in Spain

Bitnovo, a Spanish startup with several years in the cryptocurrency industry has announced the integration of Dash on its platform. Bitnovo is a startup that allows it customers to purchase both Bitcoin and Dash cryptocurrencies safely, easily and quickly. Bitnovo also offer debit cards for cryptocurrency, from traditional card with users data, to completely anonymous cards that don’t store user data, something really appreciated due its privacy.  Although oriented to Bitcoin at the beginning, they have turned their sights to Dash with a full integration in to its products and services. Bitnovo COO Luis Vaello kindly answered the following questions about...

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