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Dash Force July-August Meetup Contest Winners

I’m happy to announce that July was a very busy month on the Dash meetup front. We had a several community members host meetups all across the world where a plethora of new members were created and lot’s of new merchants added to This is only the beginning! And the winners are…. Advanced Merchant Adoption meetup program Winners: Coachdigi Wins 12 Dash for 4 Meetups in Mexico. See the meetup thread for more info on future meetups…. I hope to see these weekly meetups continue in absence of Dash force funding for the next couple of months while...

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Dash Force June-July MVP Contest Winners

The winners of the June-July Dash Force Most Valuable Players Contest are…   @tantestefana @Bituzer @agnewpickens @Dashriprok @subspaced   Tantestefana is a longtime Darkcoin/Dash supporter and the queen of testnet. While I have never participated in testnet I used to follow the thread and read every post back in the day and tante was always there helping out, or being helped out ;). She is very active everywhere from the Dash forum to BTCtalk to slack to reddit. Thanks for all your support over the years!   Bituzer is a longtime Dash Force supporter in slack that helped Dash...

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Dash Evolution: Masternodes

Michael (Dash Force China) explains Dash Evolution’s key paradigm shifts. For example, Evan realized to improve DASH network efficiency, the master nodes must have signification hardware improvements. This had lead to some (gradual) change proposals: Increase Master node storage capacity, Gradually require master nodes to use better hardware (more RAM, better processor), slowly phase to SSD based storage. 400mb blocks = 4k TPS (transactions per...

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Dash Force June-July Meetup Contest Winners

Main Meetup Winner: Wikiwako from Monterrey, Mexico wins 2.2 Dash! Blockchain Meetup Saturday July 1, 2017 “There were 41 present at the meet up including me and a few helping hands (helpers were students also interested in Dash + the wife). I was surprised at the enthusiasm of the people regarding cryptocurrencies. Specially Dash. No marketing was necessary. It was all word of mouth between friends. Prepared a Google Forms form for registration a week before and 3 days later we had a full room. I’m now getting requests for more talks.” “The venue was a 4 star hotel...

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