Author: Amanda B Johnson

How Much of One’s Time Should Be Spent Counter-Trolling?

I’ve heard several owners of Dash describe themselves as “counter-trolls.” They pride themselves on monitoring social media for false claims about Dash, and then responding to the troll with correct information. Some counter-trolls even go so far as to try to draw attention to the troll himself. They try to call him out and “make him famous,” in the hopes that this will dis-incentivize the troll from making false claims in the future. The above tactic is no doubt wildly entertaining to execute. I’ve seen the wide-faced grins that spread across counter-trolls’ faces as they recount stories of slaying...

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Gamblers Are Flirting with DASH Again – Don’t Be Surprised By the Outcome This Time!

The last time the DASH market was turned into a full-fledged casino was only three months ago. Remember? There was a meteoric rise from ~$25 to $100+ in a matter of days. The shock! The awe! Aaannnd the sorrow – the tears shed – by those who couldn’t believe it when DASH sunk back down to ~$60 in the following weeks. As of a few hours ago, DASH hit $143 per coin. (Why, yes, that is substantially more than what you fear-sold for a few months ago). That’s a ~30% price increase in only 24 hours. What’s going on?...

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So TedX SLC Didn’t Pick Me, But Another TedTalk Has My Uncle Wanting DASH

You may know that an associate of TedX Salt Lake City applied for sponsorship funding from Dash’s treasury – a proposal which is currently passing. The proposal holder kindly encouraged me to apply to speak, as well – even sent me the application the day it came out – but alas, I’m informed that I wasn’t chosen. More on Ted talks in a moment, however. I’m currently out of town visiting extended family, and a funny thing happened at my uncle’s house yesterday. He knows a bit about what I do, and asks me how Dash is doing from...

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The Case For Using the Words “Digital Cash” in All Marketing Efforts

“TIDE” – written in red block letters on the side of a truck. If you’re from North America (and maybe other places, too), you probably already know what this means: laundry detergent. Just like Kleenex = tissue. Charmin = toilet paper. Febreeze = deodorizer. With continued hard work and a measure of good luck, one day in the future, the word “Dash” may be synonymous with “digital cash.” But that day is not today. For that reason, I’d like to make the case that we ought to include the words “digital cash” near or below the word “Dash” in...

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4 Things Dash MUST Do to Keep Its First-Mover Advantage

In the world of digital currency networks, most choose to publish their trade tactics openly. That is to say, our codebases are open-source, so the “secret sauce” of any given code-based feature is only a secret until the day it’s released. Sure, this means that our competitors can immediately copy everything we do, but it also means that A) people are far more likely to trust us (because we don’t keep code-based secrets), and B) our product is more secure, having been reviewed by an unlimited number of auditors. The winners in this world, then, are not those with...

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